Are You Really Happy on Facebook?

What a happy Facebook user looks like!

A Rewarding Facebook Experience... or not

Mad on Facebook, sad on Facebook

For many of us, Facebook is our main social media connection to the world. We spend hours posting, surfing, lurking and debating. We renew and strengthen old friendships, form new ones, tell jokes, and offer encouragement, congratulations and sympathies.

But we also find ourselves angry, hurt, jealous, disappointed and drifting away from relationships. We don't know what we did wrong, why we offended someone, and why we aren't getting the Like 👍, Love 💗, Haha 🤣, Wow 😲 and Sad 😞 responses that we expected. People aren't Commenting like they used to, or we don't understand why someone has Commented with criticism or other hurtful responses.

If this sounds familiar, please take a closer look at our website to help you find the answers, and begin to enjoy the Facebook experience for all it can be!