Who Is itisme.me?


We are a division of YourWellpath, LLC, an organization dedicated to helping people to flourish in their lives through life coaching and counseling.

Facebook Well-Being coaching

At itisme.me, our mission is a simple one; to help individuals to begin enjoying the vast benefits of Facebook, while minimizing all the pervasive, negative emotional feelings that most people experience on Facebook. We do not provide psychotherapy (those services are provided through YourWellpath Counseling by licensed psychotherapists). We assume that our clients are emotionally healthy, and simply need a trained, knowledgeable, objective support system to impact positive change in their Facebook lives. All of our Facebook Well-Being Coaches are certified life coaches, licensed psychotherapists and/or personal branding experts.

We are not affiliated with Facebook, nor with any particular religious, political or special interest group. All client communications are strictly confidential.


We are also available for Facebook Well-Being group presentations, workshops, seminars and webinars.